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Musician, Dyzelle, plays the xylophone and smiles. She is kneeling on the floor wearing a burgundy scarf and top, a black dress and black leggings. Next to her are a group of young children in blue school uniform, This is a darts in Doncaster project

Charanga is the award-winning, modern-day resource for primary music making.

The UK’s leading scheme to teach the National Curriculum for Music.


The New Model Music Curriculum scheme, scheme builder and creative apps.

A vast library of songs, resources and listening activities, celebrating the world’s greatest music.

Support for blended and home learning, assessment and SEND.


Charanga is used by over 70,000 teachers.

“I have just explored the resources and they are AMAZING!! I have done lots of Kodaly training and am so excited about using the resources.” Grainne Naylor, Notre Dame School, Liverpool.

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