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William Appleby Memorial Trust

Information about The William Appleby Memorial Trust

A group of teenagers dressed in denim shorts and different tshirts smile and sing into microphones with one arm raised in the air at a singing performance at the Doncaster Dome. This is an iSing event led by darts for Doncaster Music Hub

In Autumn 1973, after the sudden death of the former Music Director, Benjamin William Appleby, a wide range of people pledged money in William Appleby’s memory. This formed the basis of The Trust’s original funds and enabled The William Appleby Memorial Trust to be created.

The Trust was set up with a very specific aim: ‘To support the advancement of musical education for young musicians within the Doncaster area, through Doncaster Music Service (DMS)’. From the very beginning, right through to the present day, The Trust continues to make grants in accordance with its constitution (sometimes individual grants have been awarded on application). Its funds have been ‘topped up’ in a variety of ways, including the proceeds from certain concerts put on by DMS, along with several other donations, occasionally from individuals. Recently, funds have been generated largely by the Doncaster Ukulele Group and, to a lesser degree, DMS Parent Group.

The William Appleby Memorial Trust supports young people within Doncaster by providing financial support to DMS for the following:

  • Let’s Make Music
  • Examinations
  • Minority Instruments
  • Individual Requests
  • William Appleby Music Centre

If you would like support for your child to engage in music making, do not hesitate to get in touch. Find out more here: The William Appleby Memorial Trust

The Trust is extremely grateful to receive contributions, and sincerely appreciates them. So, if you’d like to make a donation then do get in touch.

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